In addition to the new design, Trio serises has more details

Trio is a 60% kit with excellent type feeling.

We added better gasket materials for this board to make better typing sound as well.

It sounds quieter and more comfortable.

The gasket mount

The plate of Trio is made of 1.5mm pc material, which reduces the resonance of the metal positioning plate.

With the gasket mount, it can make the typing feel very soft and comfortable.

We added a 2mm poron at the bottom of the keyboard to ensure the consistency of the overall sound of the keyboard

Trio Pcb

A Complete Trio-60 PCB set contains 1 Mainboard, 1 daughterboard.

The Pcb is QMK+VIA supported.

We made flex cut on pcb to further improve the type feel.

The case

The case will be anodised/powder coating 6063 aluminum depending on colour.

After a long time of our pursuit of craftsmanship,

Percent can provides top-notch anodised/powder coating.

We strive for perfection even in the invisible part of the keyboard.

The color

3、Desert(powder coating)
4、Aoyama(powder coating)