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The design of Maze is inspired by the old-fashioned retro keyboard. Added a lot of modern elements, it can catch the eye at a glance with the irregular design. Three  aluminum alloy CNC machined keycaps are attached to the side, and they are customized to various functions to facilitate your operation.
Maze is undoubtedly a very thin and light 60% keyboard. The weight and thickness are very competitive of its type. We tried to use the new firmware and supporting software on the PCB. It not only supports full-key RGB lamp adaptation, but also provides extensive custom functionality.(It has just been given a comprehensive upgrade, click on the link for more information).


The package includes:

  1. packing box *1
  2. keyboard cover *1
  3. keyboard lower cover *1
  4. positioning steel plate *1
  5. aluminum alloy keycap *3
  6. aluminum alloy foot *4
  7. light uniform film *1
  8. some M2.5 screws
  9. percent studio logo metal stickers *2