Canoe - Pc Version

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There is no difference in appearance between the Bluetooth version and the non-Bluetooth version.The difference is only reflected in the different functions of pcb.

It should be noted that the Bluetooth pcb supports two modes, one is usb mode and the other is the bluetooth mode (we do not provide batteries, but we will give specifications and usage methods)


 Learn More About Canoe:

 We know that you have always loved mechanical keyboards and intend to find a product with excellent design and outstanding craftsmanship. Now there is a new option -- Canoe.

Canoe, our most classic model, has opened up a variety of new colors, for example, a bright yellow color. Amongst all colors, Yellow is one of the most decorative, which vitalizes Canoe to the next level.

As always, for us, quality comes first. Carved out of a whole piece of American-made aluminum, this product is hand-polished to present the perfect color on the metal surface. We take the simple and elegant process to the extreme.

The entire package contains

  1. Packing box *1
  2. Keyboard cover *1
  3. Keyboard lower cover *1
  4. Positioning steel plate *1
  5. PCB*1
  6. Light Diffuser *1
  7. PC weight *1
  8. Some M3*10,M3*18 screws
  9. percent studio logo metal stickers *2



It should be noted that the key caps in the images are not included in the package. Switches and stabilizers are also not included.