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Your Booster will be shipped before April 30, 2019 when manufacturing and packaging completed.

Booster is a number pad designed for canoe. Shared exactly the same angle and approximate design language, Booster enjoys a highly recognizable identity as canoe. The style of color collocation is quite free, and you can find a collocation scheme for many keycaps. This time we offer four colors for your option.

Different from canoe, we design the bottom light for the booster, which is not available in the canoe series. The bottom light can illuminate the area on the side of the keyboard, creating a very beautiful glow.

Another good news is that we will develop a Bluetooth kit for booster in later period. You can purchase it additionally and replace it with a Bluetooth version of the pcb and a beautiful acrylic transparent weight block, after which you can enjoy this dual-mode numeric keyboard easily. Similarly, we will launch a new version of canoe that supports both USB mode and Bluetooth mode.