Trio75 can provides better input feel.
 Because of the new internal structure, it can provide a softer touch, but will not affect the characteristics of the switch itself.
 The design adopts percent minimalist design, which can fit your desktop in various occasions. We use all the best materials and processes in the production of Trio75.
 This is the best keyboard of Percent Studio so far,you need to try it yourself.

Key Features

– 75% form factor
– PCB leaf-spring gasket mount with silicon jacket for the leaf-springs
– 1u badge above the arrow cluster
– Hot-swap or solderable PCBs – PC or Aluminum plate
– USB type C daughter board
– Typing angle: 7.5°
– QMK/VIA PCB provided by Basic I/O Instrument

Build Trio-75

Sound Tests


Better gasket mount

We used a silicone sleeve to limit the lateral movement of the pcb inside. Poron can provide up and down flexible feedback as you type. The special slot of the pcb will reduce the vibration of percussion and make the typing feel softer. We also equip Trio75 with a full set of poron to make its sound more pleasant and deeper.

Trio Pcb

The PCB of trio75 uses a better gray solder mask process. The pcb also uses a special slot to improve the feel,available in solder and hotswap versions.


The 1U Blocker

Casio/Aoyama version will come with the “X” badge

Typing feel

Every stroke can trigger a positive rebound of the keyboard.
 You can try different switches to enjoy different input experiences.
 Trio75 even supports plateless, you can bulid it only with pcb and without plate.

The color

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