Key Features

1. RGB led strip 
2. Solderable PCB and Hot-swap PCB up to choice
4. Isolated gasket mount
5. Poron between plate and PCB
6. Aluminum/Pc plate
7. Pcb leaf spring
9. Per-key RGB backlight.


At Percent studio, we agree that besides aesthetics, typing experience is not negligible.
This time, we are doing fully isolated gaskets to enhance this.
The keyboard kit will also come with a
silicon dampener between the plate and PCB and a foam dampener between the PCB and bottom case, this together with the 1.5mm plate to reduce the hollow sounding.

Silicon Dampener

Skog-Reboot PCB

Skog Reboot PCB Guide
Percent Studio x Basic I/O Instruments

A Complete Skog Reboot PCB set contains 1 Mainboard, 1 Encoder daughterboard, 1 BLE module daughterboard, and 1 Battery Module board. the BLE module and the Battery module duaghterboards are optional, in case you’re not going to use the BLE feature of this board. 


BLE Module Daugtherboard

Encoder Daughterboard

Battery Module Daughterboard


solderable pcb

hotswap pcb

The Encoder

The VIA is a GUI keystroke configurator for QMK keyboards, Please refer to for detail usage.

The Skog Reboot comes with a rotary encoder, which can bring interesting usage for you. There are 3 operations for this encoder: Clockwise Rotation, Counter-Clockwise Rotation, and Press.
All these operations are programmable in the VIA. To the right of the VIA keymap of Skog Reboot, there are 3 keys, One in normal size and two in a smaller size. The normal one stands for the Press of the encoder, the upper smaller key stands for the Clockwise Rotation and the lower one stands for Counter-Clockwise Rotation. You can programm all these 3 operations with any keycodes, it’s time to use your imagination now. Here are some examples might that inspire you:

Cursor Locator: Program the clockwise and counter-clockwise to Left and Right in layer 0, to Up and Down in layer 1, then program the Press to MO(1) which can momentarily turn layer 1 on. Then you got a cursor locator that can fast locate the cursor by rotating, move the cursor to left or right by rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise, move the cursor up or down by keep pressing while rotating. This could be very useful when you’re coding or using spreadsheets. 

The case

The case will be anodised/powder coating/electrophoresis 6063 aluminum depending on colour.

Desert ( with powder coating )

Svart ( anodised )


The Colorway

Powder Coating Grey + Dark Grey(anodised) 

Black + Space Grey(anodised) 

Grey + Yellow(electrophoresis) 

InkBlue + Red(anodised)

Wine Red + Gold(anodised)

Yellow(electrophoresis) + DarkGrey(anodised)

Powder Coating Blue + DarkGrey(anodised)

The Casio Version

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