Key Features

1. RGB led strip 
2. Solderable PCB and Hot-swap PCB up to choice
4. Better gasket mount
5. Poron between plate and PCB
6. Aluminum/Pc plate
7. Flex cut pcb
8.PE FOAM include
9.Screwless design

Basic information

Layout: 75%
Material: aluminum case, aluminum/copper/stainless steel weight
Structure: pcb gasket,
Keying angle: 7.25°
Keyboard front height: 19.8mm


Luna is the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology. "As the goddess of the moon, Luna symbolizes the sacredness and brilliance of the moon and represents the full side of the moon in the Trinity - the three phases of the Goddess, as opposed to Diana, the symbol of the full moon, and Proserpina, the symbol of the waning moon.

It has been a long time since we designed a narrow-framed keboard before the birth of Luna. We shaped an elegant pose for her, and the interweaving of every line on Luna's body has been very carefully designed and refined. We have added new elements, some new ideas to Luna, and she will be a kit that has both an elegant look and a great input experience.

The Design

We once talked about the design concept of LESS BUT BETTER in the IC of Trio-75, which came from Dieter Rams, the father of industrial design in Germany, and is now regarded as the bible by industrial designers all over the world. Although the Luna series has a very different design style from the Trio series, the Luna is still essentially a keyboard that is not "complicated".

The design of the Trio series is intended to convey an easy chic, simple and quiet, resilient but never overpowering. When designing the Luna we still tried to make a complete product with fewer parts, and we spent a lot of time polishing the form of these parts to perfection, softening each line to the extreme, and making every angle fully designed.


You may have noticed that Luna's body does not have screw holes.
We really can't bear to not destroy the lines of Luna's body, so we designed the overall screwless structure, by the screw holes hidden in the upper cover to tight the whole keyboard, after the keycaps installed the whole keyboard will be a natural.

Better Gasket

Last year at PercentStudio, we focused more on the design of the exterior than the subtlety of the structure.
This year, we spent several months studying most of the structures on the market, integrating our own understanding and finding what we think is a very good solution for the moment.

We applied this structure design to Luna. The advantage of this structure is that it is easy to solveA the problem of local movement when typing with the silicone jacket, and the Pcb Leaf Spring is more direct and better than the positioning plate Leaf Spring to transfer the elasticity.

The intuitive feeling of this combination is that the keyboard becomes softer and elastic, like hitting in a piece of elastic air cushion as comfortable. In addition, because of the Luna structure, the positioning plate only to do a fixed role, the stress point of the entire inner liner is on the PCB leaf spring, without the addition of positioning plate can also experience plateless flexible type feeling.

Flex Cut Pcb

For the first time in Trio75, we use black core plate as the substrate of the pcb.
Unlike the conventional pcb substrate, this substrate is characterized by being more rigid, which allows the overall strength of the pcb to be higher after a large area of slotting.
Luna-80 boards still use this imported black core substrate + gray solder resist combination.


The Case

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