Hello everyone, because of covid19, our city, Shanghai, has been closed for two full months!From March 14th to June 1st, we were locked up at home, unable to work properly. Our website was also experiencing issues during this time that made it impossible to log in.

We were allowed go out normally on June 1st, so we worked overtime during the week to start shipping and fixing our website. Now we've started to reschedule the schedule.
I need to say sorry to guys who participated in the Trio75 groupbuy, we have not been able to send out the finished product for more than three months, which is very frustrating to us.

We also realized that maybe we need to start selling instock.So most of our follow-up products will be in stock form, and we will promise that you will receive your products within 1-2 weeks after you place an order.

Recently, I have seen a lot of comments in the community, and many fans have also expressed their opinions on percentstudio. They said they really like our design, but criticize our lack of communication in the community, we plan to improve this.We significantly increased our budget costs last year to speed up production time and this year we will be closer to the community